Canned beans with smoked sauce

Canned beans with smoked sauce

Canned beans with smoked sauces

Mushrooms are a good source of iron, and there is about one milligram of iron per 100 grams of mushrooms.

Unlike many plant foods, mushrooms do not contain phytate. Phytate reduces the absorption of iron and some minerals in the body. Therefore, the iron in mushrooms is absorbed quickly.

Mushrooms are an excellent source of potassium, which helps lower blood pressure and lower the risk of heart attack. On average, mushrooms have more potassium than even a banana or a glass of orange juice.

Beans cleanse the intestines because they are high in fiber.

Beans prevent blood thinning and increase the body’s resistance to infectious diseases.

Bean diet strengthens memory.

Those who are anemic should eat beans.

Beans can be used instead of meat.